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Comet Sud

Francesco Boccardi established Boccardi holding in the early 1970s. Starting from building, especially for civil and industrial facilities, and, now, it have expanded to other business.

Production of automotive components is a strategic field for Boccardi group to the point of invest significant resource for the automation of its own stamping process, setting up complete production and assembly line for complex parts and becoming immediately a supplier of reference for large automotive industry group.

Thus the Comet Sud was born, company with cutting edge technology for production and supply of metallic stamping, welding and painting, which became immediately a benchmark in automotive field.



Safety for its own employees, customer satisfaction, respect for the environment, sustainability, value creation, competitiveness, involvement, continuous improvement, in a word: WCM.

Effectively manage the simplification of processes with a view to optimizing time and work organization, at the same time stimulating awareness and a sense of belonging to all new projects by all the resources involved in order to significantly improve the way of working of the people (zero accidents), the quality of the product (zero defects), the performance of the plants (zero failures) and minimizing the stocks (zero stocks) all with a view to reducing costs.

The WCM is the way to go to face of global market.

IATF 16949:2016
Certificato No. 0427279 - Scadenza: 28/09/2024

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificato no. SGQ 1223/A - Scadenza 28/09/2024

ISO 14001:2015
Certificato no. 2019/82333.1 - Scadenza 25/02/2025

Mission and Values

Comet Sud S.r.l. has set itself the mission of provide to market, with regard to the business area of its interest, product in line with its requirements at quality and price level more and more competitive, pursuing, in the meanwhile, the company scope of profitability and growing in order to be and remain supplier and primary strategic partner of the main “Automotive” and not manufactures to supply pressed, assembled and painted safety and not components and expand its market in Europe and in the world, ensuring a flexible service able to reach internal and customer target.
VALUES: besides of value of respect for all (internal and external), integrity and dignity in the behaviour and of our own responsibility, the Comet Sud management set as one of the main value of the company the protection of health, the safety and the environment in which it operates.

The introduction of ethics in business processes is a key factor for the development of corporate quality and competence.

The Code is a document, approved by the Board of Directors of Comed Sud srl, which summarizes the principles of conduct of the company, as well as the respective obligations and responsibilities of directors, managers, employees and collaborators. The Code constitutes a fundamental element of the corporate program to ensure effective detection of violations of laws and provisions.

Download Ethical Code in PDF

The Quality Policy is one of the elements of the Company Policy of Comet Sud S.r.l. and is pursued, in conjunction with other corporate objectives, by the General Management.

The purpose of this policy is to satisfy the needs of the Customer, both in the meaning of the ”internal” term and in a marketing perspective of a technologically qualitative and economically competitive product.

Download Quality Policy in pdf

Sustainability Policy

The Company COMET SUD srl, specialized in the manufacture of car body parts made of sheet metal through the complex operations of stamping and sheet metal assembly, recognizes the importance of establishing principles to inspire one's work to grow in respect of the environment and health and worker safety, social ethics and the quality of its products and services.