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Sustainability policy

The Company COMET SUD srl, specialized in the manufacture of car body parts, made by metal sheet through a set of a complex operations of stamping and assembly, recognizes the importance of establishing principles to inspire to allow growth in respect of the environment, health, safety, social ethics and as well as for the quality of its products and services.

The Company's commitment is based on five main points of which the main directives are expressed:

  • Acting ethically: business ethics
    • Conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and ensure transparency, integrity and compliance with the applicable legislation.
    • Be absolutely intransigent regarding corruption and money laundering coming from illegal activities.
    • Provide extreme vigilance in procurement, particularly with gold and platinum.
    • Adhere to the principles of the Council for Responsible Jewelery Practices (RJC).
  • Work in a dignified manner: social performance
    • Support and enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    • Do not tolerate either child labor or forced labor.
    • Do not prevent workers from free association and collective negotiation.
    • Do not discriminate workers based on: race, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, political ideas,for joining trade union assosiation or marital status.
    • Comply with the regulations of the applied national labor contract.
    • Contribute to the development and wealth of the local community.
  • Safeguard of the environment: environmental performance
    • Minimize atmospheric emissions.
    • Solve the negative impacts of our activities on the environment.
    • Manage waste responsibly.
    • Respect the applicable legal regulation concerning the environmental aspects.
    • Keep active and improve our environmental management system (EMS).
  • Work safely: safeguard of health and safety of the workers
    • Offer the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace.
    • Avoid injuries and accidents at work.
    • Keep under control the risks arising from the use of chemical agents.
    • Ensure punctual and continuous training to allow the professional development of our personnel, compatibly, with the role and tasks performed.
    • Keep active and improve our occupational health and safety management system (SMS).
  • Certainty of the quality: going beyond the customer satisfaction
    • Respect the contractual terms for technical and economic aspects.
    • Involve all the personnel in compliance with the requirements and the need to increase customer satisfaction.
    • Understand and prevent customer needs and provide adequate answers to any request to keep customer loyalty.
    • Invest resources in Research and Development in order to introduce production methods, controls and tests to obtain new, competitive and and top quality products to meet the needs of a market that constantly evolving.
    • Ensure compliance with quality standards and information on the characteristics of our products.
    • Keep active and improve our quality management system (QMS).

The concrete application of this policy is the subject of independent audits. These audits take into consideration numerous criteria and allow a continuous improvement in a logic of sharing virtuous practices, respecting the environment, safeguarding of the health and safety.

The company is committed to promote this Policy allocating adequate resources to achieve the target as well as to comunicate it to all the people who work for the organization or on its behalf to ensure that it is shared and supported. The company is committed to review it periodically in order to guarantee its significance and appropriateness to the organization.


Ethical Code

The introduction of ethics in the business processes is undoubtedly a key factor for the development of the quality and competitiveness for the company.